Some other stuff I did yesterday

Unfortunately the security on my laptop meant that some free wi-fi networks were blocked yesterday. So here’s what I got up to but couldn’t post:

I had something to eat

I went for lunch at Soho Joe on Dean Street. It’s an affordable Italian restaurant with a real friendly vibe to it. It reminded me a lot of the Stockpot, and I imagine both are big with the theatre community. The food wasn’t the best tasting Italian I’ve ever had, but I didn’t eat again until I was on my way home so there’s that. It’s the kind of restaurant I can’t imagine anywhere else in London, and I guess that’s why people are trying to save the area.

Side note: the toilets in there are very confusing (lots of knobs). Would avoid after an alcoholic beverage (unless the only other option is the street urinals that pop up in the evening.

I sat in the park

Soho Square is my favourite pocket of Soho. Particularly in Summer, it’s one of the few places in Soho where everyone from suits to students mix. Yesterday was fun because it was so chilled out, which is weird given that on one side is Oxford Street and the other is Old Compton Street. There was a Hare Krishna parade at one point, and aside from this pocket of London, you wouldn’t find that anywhere else. That might be because Soho is an inclusive place, but again, it might be because there are lots of tourists around who might donate.

I had a haircut

So, I didn’t record this, mainly because my hairdresser seemed a bit miserable. But I had a haircut at Blades. It’s a good cut, not the best I’ve had, but I still have hair so that’s a plus. The one thing I did notice yesterday is that there aren’t many mid-range barber shops in Soho, which could be another reason why young people are going East and South (well, I know in future I’ll probably be popping over to Dalston).

I saw a play

I went to see ‘My Night With Reg’ in the evening. I love a funny play about serious things, and ‘My Night With Reg’ is a comedy about HIV. The acting was superb: Julian Ovenden was particularly good, tackling the humour with real charm and the more serious bits with seriousface (as well as reallybeautifulface). Perhaps it’s a bit too subtle – some people outside were struggling to understand the five-star reviews – but it’s a really tender, lovely play.

A went for a wander

I like this piece of street art because it looks like an 80s version of the Rudimental album cover. Soho by night is very pretty, but there isn’t much for the lonely man :(.


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